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I need under $250,000

It’s a fast, easy application with limited documentation required.

Some documentation is needed, but we’ll make it fast and easy.

Great! We offer flexible payment options to get the equipment you need, fast.

Aggressive tactics and unfair loan terms abound. We can help you understand the true costs, risk and appropriateness of your current loan terms and set you on the right path.

Of course! Helping small businesses understand how financing can help, what kind of financing will work for them, is what we do best.

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Financing Made Simple

Whether you need a quick cash infusion, cover sales to open a new market, or buy new equipment to fulfill a customer contract, everyone’s goals are unique. Our job is to help you meet your moment, with financing designed to support your path. How can we help you?

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You’ve heard it all. Your business is too young. You don’t have enough collateral. You work in a risky industry. Trying to recover post-Covid. We can help you get past these obstacles by providing the financing you deserve.

Manufacturing Company

You have accounts receivables issues and post-Covid inventory concerns. Lots of product and limited cash. You don’t have to lease actual assets when a line of credit that you can draw from will work – with reasonable rates.

accord small business financing manufacturing company

Trucking Company

You need a new truck. Repairs, gas. There’s a lot of upkeep working against your cash flow. Instead of a term loan with huge payments, consider a line of credit where you can get what you need, when you need it.

accord small business financing trucking company


You’re vital to the supply chain, but there are so many things out of your control. Climate change, soil conservation, labor issues to name just a few. With a line of credit, you can draw what you need, when you need it, helping to manage your cash flow and keeping you in business.

accord small business financing agricultural


Canada’s forestry sector is under threat. Not only from forest fires and other environmental concerns, but also from massive supply chain issues. We can help with funds to maintain your business while you’re dealing with supply and demand challenges.

accord small business financing forestry


Transitioning to a net zero economy will require huge amounts of precious metals and minerals to support clean and long-term growth. Our credit and equipment financing solutions will help you manage both scale-up and current operations.

accord small business financing mining energy


Until interest rates stabilize, and housing gets back on track, you still must maintain your business. We can help with funds to retain staff, help with marketing – to invest in your growth. Plus manage your inventory and accounts receivable.

accord small business financing construction

Your Business

What kind of business do you have? What’s your story? We are passionate about helping small businesses of all types with financing that can actually help their companies, not put you into financial stress. How can we help you?

accord small business financing your business

How Can We Help You?

Have questions about which of our programs will work best for you? Send for our Easy Guide to Small Business Financing. Then let’s talk about what we can do for you.

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The easiest way for me to describe my experience with Accord is the people there treat you with the utmost respect and will help you acquire whatever you might need for your business. Very professional yet you will also experience a true connection through the duration of your dealings.

As You Grow, We’re Here to Support You

Developing a relationship with a financing partner is key to a small business’s success. It allows companies to take risks and grow while knowing you have a strong supportive partner. Many small business lenders disappear once you get to a certain size. But we’re here for the long haul.

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Want to Know More About Us?

Our goal is to be the most transparent small business lender in Canada. We were founded in Toronto about 45 years ago and are now a TSX-listed company operating coast to coast. We are also the first non-bank, or non-credit union, financial company to partner with EDC (Export Development Canada) in directly financing Canadian small businesses.

For more information on us, go to to see our corporate website which includes information on our full scope of products.

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