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Import and
Export Financing

Effective export and import financing strategies can help your business face its financial challenges and risks—allowing you to focus on your core business: buying or selling abroad.


If you import, export, or both—and have sales over $2 million per year—we have the right solutions for you. Accord provides import and export finance products for companies in a variety of industries, including:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Apparel & Textile
  • Automotive
  • Medical Equipment
  • Promotional Products
  • Furniture and more

We are dedicated to understanding the unique cash flow needs and business challenges of your company to deliver comprehensive trade finance solutions that provide the working capital you need to thrive in your specific industry.

How do you protect yourself in a market where foreign exchange fluctuations can mean the difference between profit and loss? What happens in the event of non payment from your foreign or domestic receivables?

Sudden jumps or dips in foreign exchange can result in significant swings in your balance sheet. While some swings can be profitable, others can be devastating. With Accord’s ability to secure foreign exchange forward contracts on your behalf, you can avoid playing the foreign exchange game and focus your attention on your business, knowing that your bottom line is protected.

In a fast-paced business, not having to wait to receive or make payments will give you an edge and help you to attain your growth objectives. Accord’s import and export financing solutions do just that.

As an importer or exporter, timing is key, and it is essential that you have the necessary financing to navigate the process of paying for goods, shipping to customers and collecting on your invoices. The successful, on-time delivery of your products—and ultimately—the profitability of your business, depend on these factors.

Financing your flow of goods should be the last of your worries. With Accord’s import and export financing solutions, you can focus on growing your business.

With your supplier now paid and your product successfully delivered to your customer, having a continuous cash flow is important for you to begin the cycle again.

Accord has been providing comprehensive financing solutions to importers and exporters for over 40 years. No matter which side of the transaction you are on, whether you are a buyer or seller, our financing solutions help large and small companies sail through the choppy waters of international trade. Whether through letters of credit, factoring, a loan based on assets, or another financing vehicle, we can help make sure that your company has access to the funds it needs to thrive. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trade finance consists of financing specifically geared to respond to the needs of international trade.

These transactions typically occur on a global level involving the purchase and sale of various goods using instruments including letters of credit, international wire or SWIFT transfers, factoring, documentary collection and currency forward contracts.

As a company in the import or export business you may be able to use one of the following trade finance solutions to help finance your business:

Top trade financing companies have a knowledgeable team with extensive experience working through import/export financing with many companies just like yours.

Working with an experienced lender will provide you and your company with a critical resource in completing your trade financing.

With over 40 years of experience in trade financing, Accord has the expertise needed to help your business find a solution that’s right for you. Call us to learn how you can benefit from trade financing at +1-800-967-0015.

Commercial risk refers to the counterparty risks that you take on when you participate in international trade.

These risks may include:

  • nonpayment by your customers
  • failure of your suppliers to meet their commitments to you
  • currency fluctuations

These commercial risks can be exacerbated by other barriers relating to language and cultural differences. An experienced trade financing partner, such as Accord, can help mitigate these risks by giving you access to tools such as letters of credit, credit insurance and currency hedging to reduce your risk if either the importer’s bank or exporter’s bank refuses to provide bank guarantees.

Import financing refers to funding for transactions specifically related to the purchase of goods from foreign suppliers.

There are several types of import financing offered by Accord that could benefit your company:

Beyond the basic, intrinsic financial and operational risks of the financing process, some other import finance risks are:

  • country risk (political or economic instability, as well as customs, tariffs, and other forms of protectionism)
  • foreign exchange risk (exchange rate volatility, speculation)
  • bank risk (backing documents from an unreliable issuing bank)
  • fraud (forged documentary credit, insurance fraud, stock theft, transport piracy)

Export financing refers to trade finance transactions which support the sale of goods to foreign buyers.

Export financing options include:

Accord offers a variety of export financing solutions. Call us now to see which financing option is right for your export company at +1-800-967-0015.