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Financing Solutions to Manage Challenges and Seize Opportunities

Financial liquidity is paramount when navigating economic cycles, industry-specific turmoil and other challenges or opportunities. Our suite of holistic financial solutions provide the firepower you need to weather any storm or capitalize on opportunities to thrive.


Financial liquidity is a way of evaluating how easily assets can be converted into cash ready for investments or expenses. By assessing the financial liquidity of an asset, you can determine the level of ease at which the asset can be sold, as well as at what price. An asset is more liquid when less time is used to convert it into cash, such as accounts receivable.

Liquid Assets

Your company likely has a variety of assets at varying levels of liquidity. Accord can help you determine which assets can be leveraged quickly to overcome your challenges or seize opportunity.


From international corporations to single-store retailers, each organization faces their own particular challenges and opportunities. To help you overcome and capitalize on those circumstances, Accord offers specific financing solutions. 

When unexpected events or strategic proposals arise, you can rely on Accord’s fast and flexible financing services to solve your unique business needs and aspirations.

Our Solutions

Unlock your company’s full growth potential with strategic financing solutions from Accord. Our flexible financing leverages your company’s existing assets (accounts receivable, machinery, inventory, and equipment) to improve your cash flow, seize opportunities, and springboard your success.

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Buying a business can require a substantial amount of cash—for the purchase itself and working capital to continue operations. Accord’s acquisition financing leverages the assets of the target company to finance its purchase and provide working capital.

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There are countless, time-critical challenges in restructuring and turnaround situations. Accord has over 40 years of experience helping companies in transition with flexible financing solutions. Our team is dedicated to understanding your business, helping you create a plan for success, and financing your return to stability.

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Slow receivables can quickly turn into bad debt losses, which can put a serious strain on your company’s cash flow. From complete account receivables management to factoring, Accord has the solutions and tools you need to return to a productive business.

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Whether you’re faced with unforeseen challenges or discover an ideal opportunity, Accord can help you bridge the gap to success with fast, flexible financing solutions that enable your business to thrive. If you are caught off-guard and need flexible financing fast, Accord can help.

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