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Every industry faces a variety of risks, possibilities, and opportunities. Accord provides custom-built financing solutions to help you overcome the manufacturing challenges unique to your business.

Financial solutions built for the manufacturing industry—in tune with your business

To keep up with demand, manufacturers need cash to acquire and operate assets, including raw materials, heavy equipment, industrial machinery, plants and rolling stock. Manufacturing finance solutions help you optimize procurement, production, transportation, and distribution.

Accord has provided manufacturing finance and asset-based lending solutions to manufacturing companies like yours since 1978. We can help your operation with customized financing options, including: operating lines of credit, supply chain finance, plant finance and equipment finance.

We understand that manufacturing is an extremely challenging and highly complex field, and we are here to help you navigate it.

Not only must you master the technical intricacies of the manufacturing process in your industry, but you must manage and overcome numerous other challenges:

  • Operating in a highly cost competitive environment
  • Quality control
  • Sourcing raw materials
  • Labor management
  • Supply chain and customer delivery logistics
  • Manufacturing finance to manage your cash flow and meet your specific needs

In an effort to reduce costs and stay competitive, you may have transferred your manufacturing offshore, which can create an entirely new set of challenges:

  • More complicated logistics
  • Increased lead-times
  • Quality control with a lack of direct oversight

As wages rise in developing countries, the cost of new technology declines and manufacturing productivity (particularly in the US) continues to improve, the cost advantages over domestic manufacturing are diminishing. This makes a strong business case to consider reshoring manufacturing production back to the domestic market.

Manufacturing finance is essential to achieve and sustain growth. That is because growth requires more raw materials, greater production capacity and more equipment, employees, facilities, etc.

Manufacturers with existing bank facilities can boost their material input by adding AccordOctet supply chain financing to their manufacturing finance mix. AccordOctet gives you a revolving, unsecured line of credit to finance your payables without impacting or relying on existing financing facilities.

The demand to increase production and profitability requires domestic manufacturers to retool machinery and invest in new equipment. Equipment financing options built for your business will ensure you can grow with the equipment you need to thrive.

In addition to your supply chain and manufacturing equipment, numerous other working capital needs must keep pace with your business in order to sustain growth. By leveraging other capital with an asset-based loan, you can realize your innovative manufacturing process to become a leader in your industry.

ABL, Equipment Financing and Supply Chain Financing combine to solve your manufacturing finance needs.

We are dedicated to understanding the unique needs and challenges of your manufacturing business —this ensures that our comprehensive financing solutions are assembled specifically for you and your industry.

As a North American leader in asset-based lending, manufacturing finance is at the core of our experience. Accord provides asset-based financing with operating lines of credit, plant financing, equipment financing, supply chain financing and more.

We customize these financing structures to your business needs with flexible leasing and term loans, revolving lines of credit, A/R management and other manufacturing finance solutions.

We serve manufacturing companies in a variety of industry verticals:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial parts
  • Apparel
  • Food & beverage
  • Toys & games
  • Consumer goods
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Frequently Asked Questions

Manufacturing financing is the process of providing funding for your manufacturing business to help you acquire equipment or fund your working capital needs.

Accounts receivable financing is an effective working capital solution for manufacturing companies like yours dealing with slower paying customers.

Manufacturing companies like yours can utilize a variety of growth financing solutions to help you prosper during an expansion. Manufacturing financing in the form of an asset-based line of credit—incorporating accounts receivable financing, inventory financing, and/or equipment financing—can provide the capital you need to support an expansion opportunity.

You can finance new manufacturing equipment by leveraging the value of your new assets to secure the loan. Accord will work closely with you to quickly structure and fund your equipment financing needs for both new and used manufacturing equipment, so give us a call to discuss your unique needs at +1-800-967-0015.

A significant amount of manufacturing is performed overseas in an effort to reduce costs. Manufacturing reshoring refers to the return of production back to the domestic market. As part of our financing for domestic manufacturing, Accord’s asset-based loan facilities can help support the increased working capital needs that your business may be facing as a result of reshoring a portion of your production capacity.

In many cases, the benefits of manufacturing domestically can outweigh the benefits of offshoring. Reshoring allows you to gain more control over quality, shorten lead-times and simplify logistics. Additionally, reshoring strengthens our domestic market by creating jobs.

By financing manufacturing reshoring, your company can offset the relocation costs and provide working capital by leveraging the value of your new domestic manufacturing assets. Accord’s experience in financing for domestic manufacturing gives us the expertise to provide your company with the capital it needs to reshore its manufacturing. Call us for more information on how you can benefit by using Accord to finance your company’s manufacturing reshoring at +1-800-967-0015.

In the past, company Y moved its manufacturing offshore to reduce labor costs. However, the continued increase in overseas wages together with the costs and complications of managing overseas production and logistics have made off shore production less economical.

Additionally, customers are looking for manufacturers who can provide shorter lead-times and respond quickly to changing demands in the marketplace.

As a result, company Y realized they could best respond to their customers’ needs by financing the reshoring of their manufacturing without a major impact to their overall production cost. Accord provided an asset-based loan facility to company Y, making the reshoring of manufacturing possible. Company Y was able to gain a higher control of quality, reduce production costs, and deliver its products to its customers much quicker.

The best domestic manufacturing finance company is one with an experienced, educated team able to provide you with fast working capital solutions for your domestic manufacturing company.

Accord’s team of seasoned professionals are dedicated to providing financing for manufacturing companies like yours, and have been doing so since 1978. Take that next step and give us a call to discuss how Accord can help your manufacturing business grow at +1-800-967-0015.